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it aint over till it's over
I just got this news from my sister about bruce:

BRUCE HAD HIS EYES OPEN!!!! He responded to them being in the room , moved his rt foot, squeezed mom n dad's hand and his son's! They did take him off of the ventolator. He is breathing on his own!! They are going to give him a few days to see what will happen. God is so good.


A few more days... Keep on praying!!!

bye bye bruce
My friend Bruce had a brain surgery and there is nothing more they can do. He is totally brain dead. They pull the plug today.


A Peaceful Morning
Last night's tears and painful prayers have ebbed back on the shores of dreams. Morning is low-tide for these, and I'll gladly drink it in while I can.

Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.

Sunrise spills over the hall to the east, flooding my room, rebounding off the soft yellow of the walls. Even the shadows have light in them.

Where there is darkness, Light.

Looking forward to the classes and other distant adventures of the day, hoping to see a friend or two. Mondays are busy, and feel as though there's no time for relationships, but things might turn out.

Where there is injury, Forgiveness.

Where there is error, Truth.

Rice and tea for breakfast - both with honey. Peaceful. Happy.

Where there is discord, Harmony.

Where there is doubt, Faith.

My roommate's pretty (and vocal) cat darts inside when I leave to make another cup, and daintily inspects everything before returning to roll in the sunbeam sprawling across the floor.

Where there is despair, Hope.

Philippians. Psalms. Joy, soul-cry, peace.

Where there is sorrow, Joy.

update on bruce
His father says he is moving his right side, opening his eye, and responding to questions. The nurses & doc say that these things are involuntary. do you involuntarily answer a question with one blink for yes and 2 for no? I have yet to see it be that accurate in a involuntary muscular spasm! UGH! I'm glad his father is in charge of his care, because otherwise that man would have been dead already. The doctors just don't know the God that we know...they don't understand His awesome healing power. He can raise the dead, He can definitely bring a man off is sick bed to full function again. I have seen that even with my own eyes. My own father was dying of cancer but then God made a way and healed him COMPLETELY. You can't tell me anything because I have seen it myself. Right now, my mom is talking to his brother to find out more info on the situation. I will keep you posted, too.

on his death bed
a long time friend is on his death bed at this very hour. he had a massive stroke. please pray for him. as it is right now, he is unresponsive and they are just waiting to hear what time his father wants to pull the plug. i am so sad about it i could just cry and cry.

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