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btw kthx

because fuck sitting in the library fucking over this shit

Need your help!

It's been forever, but my band is doing a fundraiser and we need your help! Pass it on, repost it, send it to friends, family, etc...

Check out our kickstarter page and support!! :)


AL#1 if not this would there be, would there be reason to celebrate?

Underoath + As cities burn + Since by man + Poison the well =
concert on my 16th birthday!!

I am very excited about this. What a way to bring in
sweet sixteen! This is what I need.

The only thing is, it's not until May.


While I am on the subject of concerts, I must say that
I am very distraught because Showbread's black unicorn tour has
no dates posted for anywhere near me, so far.

I guess there will be more tours, but I just love me some showbread.
He is legend
, too!? ... So sad.

I really want to see The honorary Title play a show sometime,
but I guess I'll have to wait for that, too.

I must confess that I have ripped off F.F.T.L. by
downloading some of their yet to be released CD.
I also burnt it onto a disc.

I know I'll buy it when it comes out though.
Oh, Heroine.


He still doesn't get it. I am starting to get a little
upset. Last night he was trying to hold my hand and
touch my legs, and finally I just said "DON'T TOUCH ME".
He's not my boyfriend.

Natalie... I have no updates on Natalie.
Please keep praying for her.

It's kind of annoying sometimes because
Roxanne and I are like the same person.
Well, it's weird because we are both VERY alike,
and yet VERY different at the same time.
Well ... we think the same way on alot of subjects.
Normally stupid subjects, but subjects nonetheless.
Like, the weekend before last I went shopping and bought
a cheap denim mini skirt and got footless tights and flats
to wear them with, and then I was talking to her on the
phone and she told me that she was planning on getting
the same thing (without the flats ... she doesn't wear those),
before I even mentioned it. Funny stuff.

I don't know if I've told you guys yet, but I have a new best
guy friend. His name is Albert, he's hispanic, and we get along
very well. But not like ... romantically well. No way Jose.

Anyway, he reminds me of Pedro from napoleon Dynamite.
Actually he doesn't. I just like saying that he does.

The people in my town are so idiotic. I'm just so over
most of them. I have no desire to know most of them. EVER.
So, my supposed old friend, Jonathan (the druggie one... remember?)
hates me now, and no one knows why. Some
people think it's because I'm "changing" this one guy,
and so now Jonathan keeps getting online and
saying things like

"F*ck off B*tch"

and other things along that line, and then he
just gets off. He is so dramatic, and it's actually
quite funny to watch him be this way - but i'm still
confused as to why he is so pissed at me.

I need new clothes.

Well, i'm going to end this crappy entry.
I do like writing random ones though.

Always have, always will.

Fill me in on what's going on with you.

EDIT: This guy "Albert" ends up being my first real relationship. He is the one I will write about for the next.. 2 years. -1/30/2012


yay my sister
My sister surrendered her life to Jesus 2 days ago. It's been pretty awesome to see the quick transformations she is making in a short period of time. Gives me such a joy to know that this is going to be a lasting change. It's something I have been praying for since I gave my life in 2001. I couldn't tell you how thankful I am!

My Journal for today

I praise and thank God ever, I adore you my dearest Jesus!:)


It's Sunday, a day of Sabbath for me, I remember Jesus doing what He has to do during Sabbath. It's also a day of rest. :)


I om on the Deuteronomy in the Old Testament in my Bible reading, I'm so moved and blown away again, God is so wonderful and awesome indeed! I'm experiencing His power and goodness in reading His words, His amazing deeds! :) 


A beautiful day, with sun shining brightly, of around possibly 15 to 18 degrees.:)


I woke up with a bit of colds,  headflu, and after praying and taking cold tablet, I thank God, I feel better!:)


My husband and I had a pleasant conversation this morning (husband and wife do not always have such as this), about having our own place again. and ..ooops, some of it, will remain private of course, something a husband and wife only share, you know...loving loving :) At the moment, I like where we live, I like the townhouse, very homely and cosy and the area too.:)


I will to go to my home church Wesley Mission - Uniting Church at the 6pm Worship Service. :)


I'll do my laundry and still thinking what to have for lunch. Dinner is easier on Sunday as we have some supper at Church, and then our family, except Joanna, (she used to go with us before, now she sometimes attend Inspire Church) usually go to either Mc Donalds, Hungry Jacks and Gloria Jeans near Wesley after Church,  there's no need to cook. Though I love cooking, eating out  gives me a break on my routine cooking:)


I thank and praise God for all his provisions, blessings and guidance!:)


God bless us, joy and peace,:)

Ruth :)<3




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