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btw kthx

because fuck sitting in the library fucking over this shit

Need your help!

It's been forever, but my band is doing a fundraiser and we need your help! Pass it on, repost it, send it to friends, family, etc...

Check out our kickstarter page and support!! :)


AL#1 if not this would there be, would there be reason to celebrate?

Underoath + As cities burn + Since by man + Poison the well =
concert on my 16th birthday!!

I am very excited about this. What a way to bring in
sweet sixteen! This is what I need.

The only thing is, it's not until May.


While I am on the subject of concerts, I must say that
I am very distraught because Showbread's black unicorn tour has
no dates posted for anywhere near me, so far.

I guess there will be more tours, but I just love me some showbread.
He is legend
, too!? ... So sad.

I really want to see The honorary Title play a show sometime,
but I guess I'll have to wait for that, too.

I must confess that I have ripped off F.F.T.L. by
downloading some of their yet to be released CD.
I also burnt it onto a disc.

I know I'll buy it when it comes out though.
Oh, Heroine.


He still doesn't get it. I am starting to get a little
upset. Last night he was trying to hold my hand and
touch my legs, and finally I just said "DON'T TOUCH ME".
He's not my boyfriend.

Natalie... I have no updates on Natalie.
Please keep praying for her.

It's kind of annoying sometimes because
Roxanne and I are like the same person.
Well, it's weird because we are both VERY alike,
and yet VERY different at the same time.
Well ... we think the same way on alot of subjects.
Normally stupid subjects, but subjects nonetheless.
Like, the weekend before last I went shopping and bought
a cheap denim mini skirt and got footless tights and flats
to wear them with, and then I was talking to her on the
phone and she told me that she was planning on getting
the same thing (without the flats ... she doesn't wear those),
before I even mentioned it. Funny stuff.

I don't know if I've told you guys yet, but I have a new best
guy friend. His name is Albert, he's hispanic, and we get along
very well. But not like ... romantically well. No way Jose.

Anyway, he reminds me of Pedro from napoleon Dynamite.
Actually he doesn't. I just like saying that he does.

The people in my town are so idiotic. I'm just so over
most of them. I have no desire to know most of them. EVER.
So, my supposed old friend, Jonathan (the druggie one... remember?)
hates me now, and no one knows why. Some
people think it's because I'm "changing" this one guy,
and so now Jonathan keeps getting online and
saying things like

"F*ck off B*tch"

and other things along that line, and then he
just gets off. He is so dramatic, and it's actually
quite funny to watch him be this way - but i'm still
confused as to why he is so pissed at me.

I need new clothes.

Well, i'm going to end this crappy entry.
I do like writing random ones though.

Always have, always will.

Fill me in on what's going on with you.

EDIT: This guy "Albert" ends up being my first real relationship. He is the one I will write about for the next.. 2 years. -1/30/2012


The Worlds Religions

The Bahai' Faith attempts to unify the worlds religions by attributing all the worlds prophets as messengers of the same God,each sent for various reasons and/or purposes within the cultural context of their era. I would like to suggest that there is no need to relegate the teachings of the various prophets to just their given disciples or particular role in history. All of Gods messengers, should they be called prophets or messiahs, serve the same purpose which is to enlighten those who are willing enough (provided the opportunity) to listen. As people we should try to benefit as much as possible from these ancient (and not so ancient) religions by approaching from a more eclectic and informed vantage point. We have as much to learn from Jesus as we do Buddha, Mahavira, Laotzi, Zoraoster, Bahaullah and all the others. More than anything else Jesus taught us how to live, how to serve our fellow man and put the lives of others before our own, up to and including dying, as Jesus did, for the greater good (in His case, so that others might live). God knows as our God knows, that any one life, (is) worth less than all the rest. Buddhism teaches us to be true to ourselves far better than most  religions are fundamentally able to. If you are not being true to yourself, you are not being true to God. It makes no sense to defend as true, what you can not prove and, worse, to do so merely because society expects you to. God either is or He isn't. Our beliefs do not determine what is or what isn't. Only the scientific method, coupled with an open enough mind to learn, listen and reason can do so. People who claim to know what they do not know, do themselves and everyone around them a great disservice that can not be attributed to something like the will of God.   


The question is neither whether or not there is a God or could be but whether or not there should be. And should He not exist, then how should we say that anything exists? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it really make a sound? Is it correct to say that soundwaves exist without ever being heard, experienced or acknowledged by anyone? And if so, what significance do they have? Science teaches us that everything that exists, be it alive or dead, consists of the same subatomic particles that make up everything else. At first glance, Hinduism appears to be a polytheistic religion but is not. Hinduism speaks of many Gods that it calls manifestations of Brahmin. The three most prominent are Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the maintainer) and Shiva (the destroyer). There are countless others. Is it safe to consider that, we too, are like manifestations of Brahmin? Made of the same substance as God? We may die but so long as the universe exists, do we not, ourselves, continue to exist? Is it possible that even the essence of our individual lives (as written on the walls of the Universe) never truly ceases it's journey but remains a part of God or "It" or whatever name we see fit to give this thing (or dude) we call space and time? One of the laws of physics is that energy can not be created or destroyed. It is called "The Conservation of Energy". Somehow, someway, that energy became you and me (E=MC2). On a quantum level it is not just you or me but you and me. We don't die. We simply return to it. No longer a manifestation of something greater than we can imagine, but the thing itself. Knowing this, can we still consider death so bad? Is not the Ocean greater than the rain drop?


yay my sister
My sister surrendered her life to Jesus 2 days ago. It's been pretty awesome to see the quick transformations she is making in a short period of time. Gives me such a joy to know that this is going to be a lasting change. It's something I have been praying for since I gave my life in 2001. I couldn't tell you how thankful I am!

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