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I fucking knew it was coming.
As soon as I saw the two bottles, and guess what? I was right.


Of course, I can't explain to her that I haven't done shit to her, because she has the IQ of a fucking potato.

[11:11:22] iloveauryay: also 11:11 make a wish!
[11:11:26] <33aur: UM
[11:11:27] <33aur: UM
[11:11:28] <33aur: UM
[11:11:29] <33aur: UM
[11:11:31] <33aur: UM
[11:11:35] <33aur: I WISH FOR
[11:11:41] <33aur: UM
[11:11:42] iloveauryay: HURRY
[11:11:43] iloveauryay: HURRY
[11:11:44] <33aur: um
[11:11:44] iloveauryay: HURRY
[11:11:45] <33aur: UM
[11:11:46] <33aur: SHIT
[11:11:47] <33aur: I CANT THINK
[11:11:48] <33aur: UH
[11:11:48] iloveauryay: WISH
[11:11:49] iloveauryay: FAST
[11:11:50] <33aur: COCKS
[11:11:50] <33aur: COCKS
[11:11:52] <33aur: I WANT COCKS
[11:11:53] iloveauryay: WHAT DO YOU WANT
[11:11:53] <33aur: I WISH FOR COCK
[11:11:54] iloveauryay: HAHAHA
[11:11:55] iloveauryay: HAHA
[11:11:56] <33aur: AHAHAHAH
[11:11:58] iloveauryay: youre awesome

I don't get her. Why?
Why does she have to be so rude? WHY?

So, our neighbors take off their shoes before they enter their house. It's just their culture, and they don't put it in anyone's way. It's right on the door mat next to the door. For some bizarre reason, my parents do not like this. They detest this practice, and often joke about stealing them, hiding them, or mixing them around with other neighbors who do the same thing. They complain about how they "don't want to see that" and how they want to go to the manager. Why? They're just shoes. They do not smell, they are not in anyone's way, they are just shoes.

My mom took the trash out tonight, and before I closed the door, she let out a loud annoying bitch, "OMG DESE SHOOS AR IN MI WAI!!!!!!!" I don't close the door, I watch her. She goes out of her way to the shoes, and kicks them all over the place. I'm standing there with a look of disgust on my face while my 5-year-old mother kicks someone else's shoes all over the place as though it were no big deal. She piles through them, kicking them all the way over to another neighbor's door, going off on how she almost "tripped over them", which was somehow magically achieved through them being a good foot away from where she was walking.

I do not know what is wrong with her. No matter how drunk she is, I don't see any reason for her to go out of her way to just kick peoples' things around like that. What purpose does it bring? I think my mother must have some serious problems to become so infuriated at the mere sight of someone's shoes. Honestly, they were neatly lined up outside their door, on their doormat (a doormat which she has never complained about, by the way), and they were nowhere near her walking path.

It's not even about the shoes, to me, it's just her attitude. She acts as though everyone is out to please her, and if something isn't the highest degree of perfect, she gets pissy and rude. I hope I'm not like her when I grow up.

I originally posted this on myspace
We've all come a long way. It's hard to think of what to say to all of you, because there's so much I want to say but it's difficult to get it all out.

I can't believe it's the end already, can you? It seems the beginning was just yesterday- day one as doe-eyed freshmen starting a whole new experience, walking the same halls. We probably all shared the same desire to get the hell out of that place. We all "knew" that it would "pass by fast", but I don't think we all understood how fast it would actually go. I think a lot of us kind of felt like it would last forever. You know, it's weird to think about it. When I was going through the years, it didn't seem that fast, but now that I'm here, it seems like it went by in the blink of an eye.

Some memories are gone, and some will always stay, but I think I'll look back fondly over my highschool years. I started HS as a scared social-anxiety-disordered freshman, and now I'm coming out as a more confident young adult (boy referring to myself as an adult will be weird). That has to say something, huh? There was no drama for me, which really helped make these 4 years good, and I never really got picked on. My teachers were good, too, and some were really amazing. Only one or two weren't very good.

Well, now the time is coming where we'll have to say goodbye to each other- it's just a week away. I bet a lot of us are going to promise to stay in touch, and maybe we will, but maybe we won't. Maybe 20 years from now, we'll find our yearbooks and say, "I wonder what happened to Collene", or, "Man, I wish I could talk to Rae and see what the military was like for her."

One thing I'd like to say, while I have contact with all of you, is that I'm grateful to have met all of you. Everyone has helped shape my life in some way, and I'm thankful. I couldn't have known this is the path I would take, and I couldn't have known the people I'd meet along the way. What I do know is that I'm lucky to have taken this path and meet the people I did.

So, whether we're still talking a number of years down the road, thank you. It's been great! See you at the picnic & graduation!

[01:10:06] me: idont know because you
[01:10:07] me: alre
[01:10:09] me: 11010
[01:10:11] me: 11010
[01:10:12] me: NO
[01:10:13] me: NO
[01:10:14] me: NO
[01:10:14] me: NO
[01:10:16] me: SON OF A BITCH
[01:10:19] me: FUCKER

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