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Pictures from Christmas Eve!
a) we chill Christmas Eve and open presents at exactly midnight so technically it is Christmas morning
b) you can tell I stopped taking care of myself and had holiday chub haha I don't even give a fuck because it's gone now
c) I really wanted a red dress to wear so I bought this one even though it didn't quite fit me like I would have liked it to. . . of course after Christmas I found a much nicer and flattering red dress which I bought but have yet to wear lolol
d) this is a mix of pictures from Momma cam and Steeni cam

Christmas Tree pre-Santa

When I got home from work I had to finish wrapping/decorating my presents

all my hard work :)

And now look at that shit

Thank you Anthony for introducing me to this deliciousness so that I can enjoy it for two or three drinks per occasion

playing cluee

babygirl in her christmas dress<3

game face

normal face

1) because Nessa didn't believe I had eaten my double chin back into existence and 2) because I have the most amazing shot glasses



was totally not expecting to get the Betseyville wallet I wanted with all my heart <333


Momma's most special present

oh she's excited

most priceless picture ever, right after she opened it :)

lolol crybabiesssssssssss


Lance asked for a million wrestling figures and got them, prior to this I didn't realize wrestling was big again

my haul:


Pictures -- Christmas/Eve, part two.

I love my mommmaaaaaaaaaaa<3

lol using my super zoom

Lou was SUPER DRUNK so it was super easy for me to talk him into taking pictures :] :] :] :]

Also my dad only looks happy because he was fucked up like whoaaaaaa and it is the only time he is ever happy (but my mom is soooooooo cute)

lol my mom's dinosaur of a camcorder (she got a new one 30 minutes after this picture was taken, now it's not going to be embarrassing to have her video anything lol)


lol @ I'm like a fucking tree about to fall over

Our real Christmas morning:

lol he's playing with Buster's toy!


I'm concentrating!

lol I'm uber concentrating in this one

December 26th, and Lance is showing off the shirt I bought him <3

Christmas eve has been pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping here (Michael and I have to sleep in separate rooms because there isn't room to sleep together :() so last night I napped from 9:30-midnight, then got up. My sister also randomly got up at like 1, and she, Michael, and I all decided to make Turkish Delight. Ahhh, how to explain Turkish Delight? It's a recipe Pappy (my grandfather) got when editing the biography of some general or other, and it's something we make at Christmas time every year.  It's made with butter, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, eggs, vanilla, pecans, and vanilla wafers.  It's basically the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth. I look forward to it every year.  It was originally called "chocolate dessert", but Missiemom decided that was way too lame for how insanely delicious it is, so she renamed it Turkish Delight after the treat Edmond eats in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  It's kind of like chocolate frosting until you fold in the egg whites and the pecans. Then you top it with crumbles vanilla waffers and- wait for it- stick it in the freezer.  It's DEVINE.  Anyway, we had a fun time making Turkish Delight at like 2 AM. I did most of the making, while Aubrey was making hilarious Mad Libs on my iPhone.  Then she graciously offered to do the dishes. I do love my little sister :D

I went back to sleep around 5 and slept in until 1 this afternoon.  Then Michael got in my little twin bed with me for awhile and cuddled.  We got up and hung out with my family for the afternoon, then went to his parents' house for dinner.  I've been getting along ridiculously well with his family, it's like almost too good to be true (but hopefully not).  After dinner we headed to the Xmas Eve service at my dad's church. It was really pretty weird for me to be honest with you.  There were lots of special music pieces that were really nice and I enjoyed. My sister drew a lovely picture with pastels that was the cover of the bulletin.  The seriously awkward times came during prayers and communion.  Michael and I did not take communion and the symbolism of the Wonderbread was kind of lost on me this time.  Still, it was nice to sit with Aubrey and Michael and sing familiar songs, even if the words hold less meaning for me than ever before. 

True story: Some people down the street have a life size nativity scene.  For several days, however, there was no baby Jesus in the manger.  After some discussion of the corniness of the whole ordeal, and the irony of the lack of Jesus, my dad, Cathey, Michael and I thought it would be rather hilarious to slip a Santa hat onto the baby Jesus.  The other day Michael and I picked up a toddler sized Santa hat at Wal-Mart.  Tonight after church and the traditional Lanham viewing of A Muppet Christmas Carol, we headed to the neighbor's house. Michael ran out and put the Santa hat on the baby Jesus and snapped a picture. We were all laughing really hard and I started singing "Santa Jesus..." to the tune of Santa Baby.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty epic. I know I keep saying this, but I fucking love my family. I am so happy to be apart of my family, and I love each and every individual for their uniqueness. 

Tomorrow I have to be up early (UGH), to open presents here at my dad's house.  There isn't too much here for me, my big present was my iPhone, which I already have.  After presents and breakfast here, we have to be at Michael's parents' at 10 to open presents. Then we have their traditional meal of lasagna around 2 or so in the afternoon. After that, I'm definitely going to need a lengthy nap.  At 7 Michael and I have to be back at my dad's for steak. My mom is coming over for dinner too, and we'll exchange gifts with her then. 

I'm pretty excited, I just hope I can get some sleep tonight. This atheist sure does love some Christmas time with the family.  I hope all of you enjoy your Christmas/Festivus/Winter Solstice/What Have You. Merry Christmas from me to youuuuuuu <3

8 Days Left??

                        What a strange day today was.  Claudia had a meeting from 10 – 12:30, and then another from 2 until 3:30.  Felt bad for her, esp since A’s meeting should have been me attending, but it is what it is.  She reports neither was too bad; A’s was really them just planning out his day, and then D’s they either want him to be w/ Claudia and other kids maybe at BSE, or at Wings if there are no other kids coming in.  If Claudia is not with D next year … she’d be in some kind of resource room situation at Heath … with Z.  Either option is really intense, so I don’t know which to hope she gets more.  Oh Z; his tutor sent us an email today with Z’s responses to the questionnaire, and he added a little caviat-esque thing that said, “oh, I didn’t know E and D were real kids in his class.  I thought he was just using his imagination, creating characters and then blaming them when something happened”.  HILARIOUS.  What a little character.

                        Que mas?  AB and I started out really well, but then we had an assembly a 10:30.  It was the high school select chorus, including MISS ELIZA, wearing adorable tuxedoes and singing.  My guys were there, too, and E and D survived the first 2 ½ of 6 songs, and A left too, but he went back in when I said we would be doing work.  E and D went w/ Mr. Levine, which I felt might be unnecessary since he was enjoying the performance, but that’s how it happened.

                        E came back in from cash-in, and Parker asked me to circle D’s safebody point because he wouldn’t leave the gym.  E told A to sign off, I told him that A still had 3 minutes because he’d been using the comp earlier for Math, not his cash-in.  I turn around, and E is at the back table, with his binder out, starting to work on a Math sheet.  FOR SERIOUS.  There were about 2 minutes left until hand washing time, and he took the initiative to try to start Math.  MEGA-points awarded for that.

                        Not much to report for lunch; A made a new gross food combo, consisting of marinara sauce and … cinnamon applesauce.  I couldn’t watch him eat, but he enjoyed it, so whatever.  Recess proved to be a bit interesting.  Parker comes out while I’m talking to a sad Cori (SH! I gave her gum! SH!), and says, “can I talk to you for a minute?” and pulls me aside and I’m like ‘uh oh, what did I do now that was bad/offensive?’.  Not me; somehow, while D was at E’s house this weekend, he came into possession of this gold bracelet with 3 little orbs on it.  He planned on giving it to Emilly, but Parker saw the box and it had a hefty price tag on it, so we agreed he shouldn’t give it to her before we talked to all the adults involved.  Inside, he DID give it to her, but I went to catch up to her and she and Kiarah were like ‘D keeps giving Em all this jewelry and we give it back to him and he gives it back’, and she’s clearly uncomfortable with all of it.  We need to have a chat about that.

                        Then we watched the adoooooooooooorable 6th graders (who attacked me with flowers at recess) put on their play about the first ladies.  Very, very cute, even if hard to hear/understand sometimes, but they did a good job.  And my boys were able to sit through the whole 40 minutes, really politely.  Issue at 2nd recess where D came in swearing and threatening (he’s baaaaaaaaack), but it was quite contained all things considered.  A also got in trouble with Larry and Cynthia for not listening.  E and Parker cashed in next door, and then D had SAID he wanted to just miss first cash-in tomo, but then came back because Parker rationalized that it was just 4 minutes today.  He changed his mind and took that option, but owes us time tomorrow because he really only served about 2 minutes.

                        Lastly, Parker taught E today about ‘raising the bar’ or ‘setting the bar too high’ with girlfriends/presents.  He told us he doesn’t buy his girlfriend anything.  He does the dishes sometimes, and he cleans out the catbox, and that’s about it.  Wow; she is a lucky lady.




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