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baby Jemma update *and other prayer requests*
Thank you everyone for your prayers. Jemma is doing better! She is still alive. They are giving her medicines to combat her condition: Congenital Diaphragm Hernia. Her mother is doing well, and has a good outlook for this situation.

In other prayer needs news, my cousin Timmy is facing a second amputation. Please keep him and his leg in your prayers. He isn't very old, I think in his 50s.

My mother in law is still doing well, they still have her hopped up on pain meds and her spleen seems to be healing itself well.

prayer for Crystal's baby
This is part of the email from my mother:

Crystal has just given birth to her daughter today. She had stopped growing so she was induced yesterday.  The baby, Jemma< has a hernia so big that it is pushing the lungs to the left. Janet was with her when she got the news. They are not sure the baby will survive.
Please pray for this family. 

(Janet is my pregnant baby sister.)

Thanks to all my prayer warriors!!

Mother in law spleen update
As far as I know, they have not had to do surgery. Her blood levels were good, so they are figuring that the spleen is repairing itself.She is still on pain killers and laying up in the hospital with tubes...but for now she is out of danger. Thank God. More info later if/when I get it.

URGENT PRAYER: Mother in law in surgery
My mother in law is in the hospital right now getting surgery on her stomach. Something ruptured. Don’t know much else, but please pray. I will let you know more when I can. Thank you all and God bless!!!

I wish televangelism would go away
Within 5 seconds of turning on a popular "spiritual" TV station, I heard:

"When you release your ($1000) seed, God will release the Harvest in his hand."

So click that comment button. Release the seed of comment, and tell me why religious networks have no integrity and allow scam artists on their networks. Then, and only then, will God will release the harvest of knowledge upon us.

I have a rule of thumb. If they are on TV, they are trying to pull my leg. They want your money, and they'll apparently say anything to get it. In fact, they'll give you the whole prosperity gospel shtick (even though I don't agree with everything on that site, they illustrate what I'm trying to say) just to convince you that they are blessed and you can be just as blessed, especially if you give to them. I mean, they get rich off of you, how are you going to get rich in that one way relationship?

It is very transparent to the skeptic, and certainly the most avid bible readers will see the twisting of the bible to support their prosperity theology....

But almost all televangelists have serious problems. If they aren't false prophets, they are ambiguous (at best) about salvation, or something else. What I'm interested in is not scriptural discrepancies, or even lack of the true use of the bible in these cases. I just want to know...

How do they get away with it?

I know the answer, but I still can't believe it works, and keeps working, no matter how many times it is exposed over the years.

It is tried and true manipulation. I've seen it with my own eyes. It is hysteria. It is abuse of power. People come to these churches with real needs. Maybe they are sick,  poor, hungry, or hopeless... maybe they just have a deep, spiritual need of some other sort... and these "preachers" send a message that all you have to do is open yourself up to their message, give them money, believe what they say, and whatever it is that you want, and they promise, will come true.

I've had ears behind the scenes in these churches that promise to heal you and your loved ones of their problems. Where they bring people up on stage and "heal" them of problems they never had. I've seen people taken for money when they are desperate for their loved one to get better against all odds. And this isn't necessarily on TV. This is down the street. This is happening to your neighbors, and your family.

There have been good people, who've given up their own comfort in order to help others. That isn't what I see when I turn on the TV, or walk down the street, though. I see preachers in over-priced suits, fancy cars, and big houses. Would it hurt these men of God to associate with the masses and ride the bus? To wear a suit off the rack? To live modestly, instead of lavishly?

No. No it wouldn't.

I want to see John Hagee riding a bus.

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