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Merry Christmas @ MindSay


What It's About
This is what Christmas is about, I think:

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe a little biased because Mark (the truck driver) is my cousin, but... that 5 year old understands what's going on.  Hopefully we all do, too.

Merry Christmas to those whole celebrate, Mindsay.  I hope this season has brought you what you need.


I grew up poor, nbd.
I know people bitch about the salvation army bell ringers that stand outside of stores but I donate to them every trip. I don't care how religious they are or how pushy they seem (they aren't, really. They're just ringing a damn bell). There have been Thanksgivings and Christmases in the past, particularly when we first moved here that if my family was not on a "needy families" list, we would have been too poor to have any celebration whatsoever. Getting the call to come pick up a box of food, bringing it home, opening it up, seeing everything you need to make a decent dinner plus some presents, and seeing my mom cry tears of mixed joy, relief, and slight embarrassment because she can't provide for her children like she wants to -- I'm grateful for all of this. We're still poor but we're no longer on a needy families list. I do all I can to make sure my brothers have an amazing Christmas (because I've had plenty of not-so-great ones) and I fucking donate money to the Salvation Army, every damn Publix and Walmart trip. I don't care what you think about the bell ringers. I don't even mind when they bless me.

In other news, pizzeria Christmas party tonight. Kinda just want to get this over with. It's at Vin's, I wish it was at Louie's or Ant's. I have to pick up DeVito after work and we'll arrive fashionably late -- the usual.

I kinda feel like this is my last pizzeria Christmas party as an employee. We'll see.

Pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas!
So if you recall correctly, Christmas Eve is when I suffered from food poisoning all damn day. This is me feeling and looking like death but trying to look cute anyway (in reality I had just puked my brains out and then was 5 minutes away from being late for work):

And here was the Christmas tree before my parents put presents under it (those are presents from us kids, I obviously wrapped the pink presents #itspinkfridayhoe):


this was me eating for the first time all day lol AND SOMEONE IS BEGGING

Christmas stockings :)

more presents:

Lance's countdown:

So my family stays up on Christmas Eve, and when it hits midnight, 12am on December 25th, we open presents. And that way we don't have to wake up early Christmas morning like we used to when we waited for Santa Claus!

So, chaos begins here:

the four of us don't often take pictures together:

Even Buster enjoyed presents:

the mess afterward:

lol @ Lance wanting a snuggie so damn bad hahaha:

and then we go to sleep, and then good morning and say hello to my (then) brand new slippers that I wear every day now lol :

We play games together on Christmas Day . . . note how I am obviously contemplating murdering Logan in this picture, I even have the knife handy:

So you know those delicious Auntie Anne's mall pretzels? I don't know if you know, but they sell a "bake at home" pretzel kit . . . I thought it would be cute for us to make them at home so I bought the kit. My mom, Lance, and I made them. I don't know why or how the junkie makes an appearance in this first picture:

So as you all know by now, I look for any excuse to dress up :) I was originally going to be all cute and pretty for Christmas Eve but, you know, I had food poisoning and was miserable but at least I could get all pretty for Christmas dinner :)

(lol slippers)

(obviously feeling much better)

I was cold and sneaking sweets:

My mom's mom and grandmother stopped by to visit for some reason (but they're Jehovah's Witnesses so they did not stop by to celebrate, obviously FUCKING RIDICULOUS RELIGION I do not like to honestly insult your religion but this religion is just as whacked out as Mormonism . . . I would become a Catholic before I ever became a fucking Witness, I swear.) Anyway, since Great-Grandma Justine (oh, yes that's her name) is like 95 now or something it is pretty important to take a 4-generation picture, or something (lol at I just realized this will never happen after Great-Grandma dies because I am not having children . . . NEVER AGAIN WILL 4 GENERATIONS STAND LIKE THIS AND I AM BEYOND OKAY WITH THAT )

Yeah this is not the side of the family I look like, I actually look exactly like my father's mother face-wise and I hate it so much

but anyway that was my Christmas :)

Merry Christmas!
Thank goodness I had food poisoning yesterday and did all that puking because I ate so much food today. Lose weight and then gain it back, yay!


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Re: Gemini - Thanks! I sincerely appreciate that.


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