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All Hallow's
Reasons Today was AMAZING:

- I turned my project in for the class I'm taking, nervous that I had overdone it and people would be mad at me.  I DIDN'T - some people went INSANE (like, wrote the whole thing in stick-on felt letters).  I guess now I should be nervous that mine isn't spectacular enough, but in real life, I know that all of my content is stronger.  Fact.

- I was just thinking about how maybe I have to revise my 'winter is the worst season' stance and switch it to fall because winter is meant to be cold and grey and depressing, it's just doing its job, but fall... fall is where summer goes to die.  Or, kills summer. 
And then today?  High of 77.  In Western Mass.  Where it took until June to break 60. <3 Two degrees off the record high set somewhere in the 1940s.  Tomorrow will be back to regular, and I'll always resent winter more than fall, but ... thank you, today.  You were gloriously warm.

- My project I've been working on for Michael's X-Mas present (you know, since I can't buy people presents thanks to not having dinero) has officially passed over the one-foot mark, making it OFFICIALLY me attempting to make a scarf.  If my camera weren't being a stupid and not working, I'd take a picture for you.  You can google 'moss stitch' and get a basic idea of what it will look like.

- Remember when I was all sad and stuff that this was going to be a mega-lame Halloween since I'm jobless, have no friends, and thus no excuse to dress up?  I mean, I wasn't DEVASTATED because I'm not all that into dressing up (if you are facebook friends with me, one of my profile pics is me dressed as Michael Jackson before he passed and it was cool to dress like him.  This is the only time I have ever really dressed up for Halloween since I was in 4th grade), but just the knowledge that something important was happening and I was going to be excluded was really weighing on me.  It was like 'one more thing in my life that is stalled'.
Well, I got a call asking me to come to Manhattan on Saturday for an interview.  It'd be with a family not a school which isn't the dream, but employment is.
Anyway, did you know that Manhattan is RIGHT NEXT to Brooklyn?  Where Lisa lives?  And is having a party Saturday night?  At the apartment I'm staying at?  Which will be visited by amazing people I know and love?
I cannot find my beautiful, free, red zipper coat, so I can't be EJ as MJ pt II like I would have liked (wearing a coat as part of your Halloween when you're always cold is like Christmas), but ... I'LL BE IN THE CITY I LOVE, WITH PEOPLE I'D DIE FOR, ENJOYING BEING ALIVE.  I'll figure out a costume.

- I still have the stockings and skirt I wore as a witch when I was working in Kindergarten at the Earth School in 2007 - how hard could it be to find a pointy hat?
- I don't have time for it, but with my hair ... if someone would help me... I would be a fucking AMAZING Marge Simpson.  OOH WOW, I have a light green dress .... this is NOT good.
- I was thinking over the summer that I'd make a great tree.  Simple and stuff.  Brown pants, brown top (brown boots/), paint face green, wear my hair down and spray the hell out of it with green hair spray.... maybe make fake leaves to put on my arms, black construction circle on my belly for a squirrel hole...

What should I do?

things I do. Toot-toot.
I light cigarettes for her.

Use my handkerchief to wipe away the drip of coffee that went down her face.

Go out to dinner with her on the occasion.

En process of writing her a calligraphic letter.

Go on errands with her just because and carry her stuff.

Blow off the company party and spend Labour Day with her instead.

Plan to help her paint her kitchen (all though she tricked me into it)

Nearly destroying my car to get to the hospital in the city to spend over 7 hours with her,  5 am to 12:47, leaving my jacket because I thought she looked cold. (371.86 in repairs! and still missing the side mirror on the drivers side!)

Hold her when she is drifting off, her head on my chest, hand in her hair and  keeping her warm. A quiet world with only the two of use breathing, listening, living.

I am a 20 year old who acts like a 40 year old.

Jam bands
Recently I went to a jam band concert out in Buffalo. I don't remember what day it was but if you ask me about it later I can tell you what day it was.
Earlier in the day I was drinking bottles of hobo wine, Mad dog 20/20, with my sister. I had gone through two bottles and gave a few calls out.  I got ahold of Pat and he was excited to hear from me. He informed me that he was going to some Jam Band concert out in Buffalo. Well I continued drinking so by the time we were well on our way and entering the concert I was pretty... well you could only imagine.
I had fun in the crowd for a little bit until I had to go to the bathroom. I made my way there. On the way out I decided to have a lay down in the grass near a light pole. I was awaken by some guy. He woke me saying "Hey man do you know of anything good going around?" Well I didn't know of anything that was going around I was just drunk and passing out. He must have thought I was high on something. Well I decided to relocate to a bench just a hundred feet or so away. I feel asleep again and was awaken by a similar question.  I stayed awake. I got a call and text message from several people. One was my dad who wanted to know what time I graduated. The other was Sean. Good friend. PA. He left me a rather nice message telling me to give him a call back about visiting. I have to get back to him. The other was Samantha. She left text messages and I tried calling back. I returned the calls to Sean and Samantha in one of the Port-o-potti's  because it wasn't so loud in there. I guess I had a rough entrance and exit because after I got out one of the lady security guards came up to me and tried to take me away to the Ambulence. I was obliged to go. She told me that I was unable to walk straight and that she was taking me to the Ambulence. I was telling her it was no big deal and that I was trying to answer my phone and all that jazz and it was too much to comprehend at that time but I still didn't mind accompanying her. She then told me I seem to be walking straight then so she was going to let me go. I remember her telling me twice that I seem to be walking perfectly normal. I wish I had money for beer or a hot dog. I can't buy beer. I'd settle for a hot dog. The rest of the night was somewhat loud and forgettable.
After the four of us reunited and made our way out we were walking down the street to the car. I was still drunk apparently. I don't remember looking for it but I found a card board box, it was like those chinese food boxes, from some restaurant. There was three salt potatoes and two or three steamed carrots in there and a piece of chicken with some sort of sauce. I think it was a starch sauce like on a country friend steak. Pat guessed it was chicken. He was right, I was surprised. I wish I had a fork then. I ate pretty much all of it. I hate carrots. I left them in the box and tossed it. I am not going to lie the carrots looked good though, but overall the meal was really good. My main regret was not trying to figure out where the food originated. I wish to go back there someday. Thank you nameless citizen for leaving their food (at a bus stop I think? whci makes sense because you can't bring food on the bus). You will be in my heart always.

More exciting Green Day news!!!::Here's the track list for 21st Century Breakdown!!!: Act I

Here's the track list for 21st Century Breakdown!!!:


Act I :: Heroes and Cons

Song Of The Century

21st Century Breakdown

Know Your Enemy

!Viva La Gloria!

Before The Lobotomy

Christian's Inferno

Last Night On Earth


Act II :: Charlatans and Saints

East Jesus Nowhere


Last Of The American Girls

Murder City

?Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

Restless Heart Syndrome


Act III :: Horseshoes and Handgrenades

Horseshoes and Handgrenades

The Static Age

21 Guns

American Eulogy

a) Mass Hysteria

b) Modern World

See The Light


My negative day with positive random happiness

Usually I don't post something that's not very commentable, but I just want to rant about my day. It was bad, as usual, to begin.


I woke up at 7:06am( my bus comes at 7:15). I got ready in 4 minutes, because my boyfriend is grounded off of the phone and internet until friday, since tuesday ( he usually calls me at 6:30).


Of course on the bus, the pop music of C100 ( which I  absolutely cannot stand!!) is on so loud I can hear it with my music to it's loudest...


I get to school, I have to take off my music as usual, cause there's a dumb rule that we can't have it in class...

I have no looseleaf, dropped all of my stuff.


We're let out late for recess, so by the time I get in line and get my snack, it's time to go. Someone pulls out my headphones as they pass me..


I head back to french class and I have to continue reading, which is a waste of time because I forgot the book I'm going to do my report on.. I can't even read I'm so pissed.


I calm down a bit when we go to the computer lab, I got my two problems of the week done, and started my bonus work. I felt happy 'cause it was productive, and less I have to do at home.


At lunch, someone ahead of me takes the last crispy caesar salad...RARR!! I'm still hungry 'cause everthing's so expensive, I have no money to buy anything more.


Come back to my locker, and crispy minis all fell out into my bag.. take everything out and shake it out in the garbage can. Put my stuff back in and head down to gym. Gym is my worst class.. I hate it.


Good point though, is that I was appreciated by someone who doesn't really like me, when I noticed their hat on the floor, and brought it down for them :). We played basketball, which wasn't too bad. I played with the best people I could, all guys, who I feel most comfortable with. I think they enjoied me being there, and the one who doesn't like me, didn't wanto to switch teams, and I was on his. I tried my best at it. I'm usually not very good at basketball, and I don't know what to do, but this was only 3 on 3 and it was kind of fun.


I got home, and as I was checking emails I found one from my boyfriend. It's good and bad news because, his parents think that he was on the phone, so we're not going to talk until tomorrow, and good just because I was happy to make communication with him, for a little bit, even if it's indirect. Then he came on msn for a short bit, which I was quite happy about as well.


Right now I'm doing what I always do- mindsay, msn and listening to music. I'm leaving after this post thought because I have to shower and eat before I go to Theatre. I'm volunteering helping with the play. I also better check my laundry from last night- just remembered...shit.


Well that's really all I've got to say. I hopefully get to see George this weekend. Next weekend is my other friend's birthday party, which I hope to go to, but it's my dad's weekend so I'm not sure. I can probably- hopefully- arrange something with him. He lets me switch weekends if I'm doing something with a friend, but we might have to partly lie because he wouldn't approve of me going to my boyfriend's for the night:P


So I have to go for now. Talk to y'all later.


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