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Emilie Autumn Tonight!!!!!
So I'm going to my first 18+ show tonight. AND it's one of my favorite singers: EMILIE FUCKING AUTUMN!!!! It's at the same place I went to see Silverstein a few years ago. I'm so excited! I'm going with my friend and her bf. I wanted my Jakey to come with, but his ID is long expired and we didn't want to take any chances with it. He brought Faylinn to his brother's house so they have something fun to do as well. I'm just so freaking excited! I absolutely LOVE Emilie Autumn! She's my idol, singing, fashion, attitude, everything she does, I love. I'm still getting my outfit together. I keep thinking of more things to add to it. It's going to be like Emilie's style, but more punk and a bit less revealing. OH! And my mom is letting me borrow her camera since mine sucks. YAY!!! I'm soooooo hoping we'll be able to stay after and meet Emilie. I want a pic with her soooooooo badddd!!!

Chivalry's Not Dead; it's Just Cold.
I'm starting to believe we'll NEVER have another Wednesday at school again.  This is getting ridiculous.

At least this time, we actually got snow? (side note: I just typed 'snot' instead of 'snow'....weird Freudian slip?)

Very thick, wet, heavy snow (which just caused a power-outage for 2 hours, ACES).  Dashing my plans to go into work early and get things done because if my power was out, the odds that my school 2 blocks away had power was very low; am leaving soon to try it so today isn't a TOTAL waste.

But the plow guy for our driveway showed up, so I had to move my car to the street.  I figure 'twas as good a time as any to clear my CR-V off.  I started, realized it was mega-cold, and ran inside to get my gloves.  I come back out, and 2 of the guys who live in the otherside of the house (nameless gentlemen) are helping Carman clean off HIS car.  WTF is that!?  I was secretly dismayed by this, and started attacking my roof to clear it.

Silent minutes later, all 3 of them (even Carman, who is NOT incredibly thoughtful all the time but may have been peer-pressured by the strangers) came over with their utensils and started to help me get all the snow off.
Let me tell you, it goes a lot faster with 4 people.  I hate to quote my boss, Jeff, but Many hands make light work.

Anyway, I was parked under a tree, and as I finished up, a big pile of the crap fell back down onto it and into my eye (and already sopping-wet hair) and I just cracked up and headed back inside.  Laid in bed for an hour and a half reading (including some time when the power clearly clicked back on), and now I am getting ready to work, get my taxes did, and HOPEFULLY still be able to go to a concert tonight. 

I am going to be very VERY upset if I can't get there.  But it's 45-60 minutes away in GOOD weather, and I DO have work tomorrow (in theory).  Nervous.  Pray for me to get to go.

Seriously, holy crap. 

Regina Spektor live was INCREDIBLE! I dont know that I have ever seen such a brilliantly talented performer! And she is SO adorable! How could you not love her? 

Her set list was amazing, too. She played all of my favorites. I was not in any way disappointed by this show.. 

Im off to sleep for 4 hours. PS: New pictures of reconstructed dress I made with Danielle and my fall leaves inspired dress coming asap! 

PPS: I think Im getting sick.. somebody kill me please.


I don't know if I slept after I got home at 1 (note to all:  NOT a mature decision to stay out until 1, even if you were driving like mad to get home...when you have to get up at 6); I just kept thinking/dozing about having to drive around to get people/places.  Not very restful.  And the WORST Sunday possible to not sleep, as I am about to embark on a 4-day/3-night overnight trip with my 5th grader and the rest of the 5th grade at my school and probably should have been in bed at 10:30.... but SO.GOOD.

They were so on last night.  And I loved every minute.

Pictures of this and hopefully my excursion into nature when I get back.  I 'ope, I 'ope.


I've had so many chances
turned my back and I ran away
I've (not) had so many chances
to. see. you.


Dear New Found Glory,

      Why are you so against me getting to actually see you in concert?  I am a very nice girl, and I shower pretty regularly (that's once a day in girl world).  I even do silly things like donate blood, give money to charity, and teach kids with severe special needs; a lot of people think things like I just listed are examples of good karma.

      And  yet... and yet, I still have not seen you in concert since I was about a freshman or sophomore in high school (age 15 max...I'm now 24).  I wasn't even a fan of yours back then; I knew a few songs, but I saw you guys play because you were opening for other bands (hell, I spent most of one of the shows just wishing Ian would put a friggin' shirt on!) I actually wanted to see.  I've only  really been listening to your music since about October of 2007.  I think I've made up for lost time in the fan department, because I've let you guys creep up into my top 5 these last 2  years, but I still haven't gotten to see you play your music.

      There was that botched show last September, where I had to leave at 10 to make the last train home at 12:30 (I FUCKING HATE NEW JERSEY STILL, BTW), and when I was still standing there at 10:15, my friend pissed at me because she swore we'd miss the train (we didn't), you still hadn't taken the stage.  Not even one damn note.  I got to see ISHC, and you picked great opening acts, but...too numerous.

      And you KICKED ASS at the Bamboozle, where you played Green Day proud, but of course, I couldn't go on Saturday when you were playing yourselves.

      And now, you're going on tour with Dashboard, DASHBOARD, another act I've been waiting to see since I was 14...and every damn show that in theory I could get to... I can't get to.  Why aren't any of the shows that I could conceivably drive to (or hell, I'd fly to Chicago or someplace else I wanna go anyway) on Saturday nights?  Or even shows more local to me on Friday nights?  I realize I'm probably gonna have to go alone because I don't know anyone here.  Fine.  I'll be that girl.

      ....but give me a chance to fucking GO.

      Incredibly Frustrated,

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