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I'd be drowning in memory, and then I would know...
How it used to be in summer, so many years ago
When we really didn't worry, or care to know
Where we would be, or how old we had grown
Then I'd open my eyes and I know I was home...

At home again after a brief stay so far away, and here I shall remain until the time when I must go to some land that is far away. And after this brief time away I have return and I look for the changes that have occurred while I was not here for I know that everything has changed though I may not be able to perceive these changes, nothing remains constant, and I am looking to see what I can see in the changes that have happened in this period of time that I was not here to witness the changes first-hand...

And here I am at home where everything is familiar though I know everything has changed. Here is my stuff that I have accumulated over these many years, my things that I have stockpiled over the decades, things that I know better than anyone on this planet. Here I am amongst the reality that I have built and all seems correct with my reality, but there is that feeling that though these are my things they are changed in ways that I cannot perceive no matter how closely I gaze upon them - they are different and I can never again experience what they were before, what they were in the brief time that I was not here amongst them for it has been written that time is a one-way street that leads to a dead-end, there is no backing up or turning around or stopping because the future drags us along kicking and screaming with the past giving us a swift kick in the butt...

And such are my thoughts as I sit here at home after my little journey to a land so far away though actually not that far given the scale in which my brain thinks for when compared to the vast distances in this universe, the place where I found myself was just next door though it was a five hour round trip journey. And in the time of my journey - the five hours of travel, the overnight stay, the business meeting and other incidentals - my things have changed and are not the same as I left them, they are different and I cannot change this fact...

And I sit here at home and watch the snows fall from the Heavens and slowly cover all that was once before my eyes...

This is the Word of the AntiCrust...

Praise be ye who Read the Word for ye are Blessed amongst humans...


Spruce it up!
Being as it isn't really winter here, I was thinking I could probably get away with real flowers in my house right now. I have all these vases and no real flowers. If I got some wholesale flowers I could probably cover the entire apartment in fresh flowers. I don't know, though... I did see a bug in here last night (lady bug) and I don't want to be a haven for all the bugs that are trying to find winter shelters.


Got home at like 8:30

was on the bus for 13 hours straight.

we sat in a fricken parking lot for 2 hours. grr

couldnt get any cell reception till like we got into town..

its snowing a shitload! Im so happy!!!!

I had 4 matches...and I won them all!!!!!!!!! :)

I need to eat,



Accidental Hero for One Night (House Fire Pics)...
Security Level: Low, temporarily( Public / Everybody)  

The following  event took place within an hour from now...

Usually, before I go to sleep, I go outside (or to the garage) to smoke a cigarette. Since the nights are cooler now, I decided to smoke out the front door. I was talking to Uyoku on the phone at the time.

I took a few steps forward, I don't usually stand in one place when I'm smoking. I like looking at the sky. But tonight, the sky looked different, hazy, and foggy, but it didn't feel as humid out there. Then I looked to my left and I saw a lot of smoke coming from the roof of one of my neighbors' house. I'm pretty sure that's not some kind of fog, because the other neighbors' roofs didn't look the same. I walked a little closer to take a good look and now I know for sure, that house was on fire.

[pictures coming soon]
from my mobile phone, prior to the arrival of the authorities...

I ran inside to tell my sister and my mom. They walked out to take a look as well. I decided to get off the phone with Uyoku so I can call 911. As I was talking to the Missouri City Police, I walked a lot closer to the house on fire and my mom and I started waking up the neighboring houses. I was knocking on both doors, the neighbors and the house that was on fire, while I was talking to the police. I gave them the address of the burning house and they immediately dispatched the Fire Department units on the way while I took pictures with my cell phone.

No one else was out and about in my neighborhood. I was the only one that noticed it...

Then I called Uyoku again. The Missouri City Fire Department arrived quickly, having one Police unit arrive at the scene first.

Here are a few pics that I took from my crappy digital camera:

Fire Trucks on the scene, and smoke.

Fire Trucks on the scene.

The 3rd Fire Truck to arrive, with more equipment.

The Fire Hydrant, the neighborhood dogs' restroom...

How the neighborhood looked, with the Fire department lights...

Firemen at work, Oxygen tank replacements

They were kneeling down, I don't know...

Ladder engulfed with smoke

Oh Schnapps!

The fire grew strong, from the back of the house, engulfing the rooftop

They put it out, and they did it quick

I wonder what those people in that house where free-basing this time...

Fire = pwned

Fire = pwned

Had I quit smoking on my birthday; that house, along with it's neighboring houses, would've been on fire, too! Smoking is not a good thing, but a smoking house is worse...

I'll edit this entry later with more updates. The investigators will be here shortly to ask me questions. Then I'm going to get some sleep.

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Iraq soldier returns home - article by my son
Newspaper Flag


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News   Thursday, July 26, 2007

Family, community welcome soldier

By Jon Pic, Times Staff Reporter
Published: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 7:05 PM CDT
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Brueggeman hugs his son as he accepts the welcome from the Riders. The Air Force Staff Sergeant was stationed at the Baghdad International Airport for six months. This was his third trip to the Middle East since 2001. - photo by Jon Pic

Though they were only apart for seven months, for self-proclaimed soulmates Alma and Paul Brueggeman, their separation must have seemed like a lifetime.

A U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant, Paul spent the last six months stationed at the Baghdad International Airport base. Last Saturday morning, he returned home to his family.

This was Paul's third trip to the Middle East since joining the Air Force in February 1997. His two previous tours - to Saudi Arabia in 2001 and Kuwait in 2003 - were both three-month temporary duty assignments.

On this occasion, Paul left the states on January 10 and arrived in Qatar two days later. From there, he moved over to Baghdad to work on Humvees as a vehicle maintenance specialist.

Like many young people, Paul said he initially signed up with the service to help pay for college, but had been interested in joining for a while.

“I've always wanted to go into the Air Force,” Paul said. “It's the feeling of camaraderie, the patriotism. You feel like a family when you're in the service.”

On Saturday morning, however, Paul was warmly greeted by his own family as his plane touched down in Wichita. Alma and their four children - all from previous marriages - met Paul on arrival and brought him home in a limousine.

“I felt every emotion that a person could feel except for sadness,” Alma said. “That is the most overwhelming, exhausting experience. Words can't describe the emotions.”

“When you're gone for six months on long deployments, you don't know if they're forgetting about you,” Paul said.

Though it was necessary to form a routine to manage her daily life and the kids while Paul was gone, she said, “I lived for the day that he came home and messed it up.”

“It was nice to have a touch of freedom again,” Paul said of his return home. “Everything changes. The weather changes. You've got cement barriers protecting everything [in Iraq]; the helicopters. Worrying about whether or not missiles or mortars or something's going to get a hold of you.

“A lot of folks take for granted being able to do whatever they want to do.”

“They go over there, they lose everything,” Alma said. “All of their freedoms . What they're fighting for, for us. Something just as small as going to QuikTrip to get a Coke.”

Married on Oct. 6, 2006, the couple had a short time to get settled before his deployment - which is even shorter when considering the swift progression of their relationship.

Having met via the Internet on June 18, 2006 the couple closed on a house on August 25. Paul and Alma agree there was an instant connection.

“We met online and just knew,” Alma said.

A Stillman Valley, Ill. native, Paul requested a transfer to McConnell Air Force Base. After only five months together, Paul found out in September that he might be leaving for Iraq.

“We knew he could possibly be deployed when we got married,” Alma said.

With Paul on his way to Baghdad, Alma would be doubling her parenting efforts. While she had been raising Johnnie, 9, and Jarrett, 6, she now would be caring for Paul's two children, Tyler, 6, and Alexis, 4.

“The kids, they blended together,” Alma said. “They got me through it; I got them through it. I'd give my life for [Paul's children] just like I would my own children.”

Alma said she was fortunate that her employer was so understanding.

“My boss was absolutely awesome with the kids,” Alma said. “He was totally supportive. I took off a lot of work because the kids were sick during the winter.”

Living nine hours ahead of his wife, when Paul would make his evening calls, Alma would be nearing her lunch hour. The couple communicated daily on a schedule with the assistance of a wireless Internet connection, Yahoo Messenger and a webcam.

“Anyone can tell you, my life revolved around that computer,” Alma said.

“That's how we stayed connected,” Paul said. “Other assignments that I went to before that time, you didn't have wireless internet.”

Paul said private Internet service providers have begun supplying wireless web-surfing to increase troop morale abroad.

“It's nice that there are companies that are trying to set it up better for troops over there,” he said.

Even with the copious communication, the pair agree that the time apart was trying.

“It was emotional. It was the hardest thing I've ever experienced. I've never loved anyone like I love Paul,” Alma said. “We did everything together.

“We're soul mates. We found in each other what people look a lifetime for. It was very hard to be separated.”

Upon his arrival to El Dorado, Paul was treated to lunch with his family at J. Brian's Pub and got to visit with some of the American Legion Riders.

On Sunday afternoon, however, the riders arrived at a surprise party at The Brueggemans' house to officially thank him for his service. Paul has also been asked to throw the first ball at Wednesday's Broncos baseball game.

“The support from the community has been unreal,” Alma said.

In contrast to the Vietnam veterans celebrating at the lake this weekend, Paul said he recognizes the positive response being shown to him upon his return home.

“I think everyone still remembers 9-11,” Paul said. “I think people realize now, things can actually hit us at any time. We didn't have that in Vietnam. Everything was going on overseas.

“Now we've got people who are coming into the United States and threatening us. I think they're more supportive of us because of that.”

Now that he's back, Paul will return to duty at McConnell and begin to readjust to his home life. Despite the time apart, the Brueggemans feel like they've been able to grow closer.

“We couldn't imagine being closer than when he left,” Alma said. “We're closer now. Nothing can break him and I apart.”


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