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What is RSS?

RSS Example: A pop-up in the corner of your screen alerts you whenever your friends make a post (Trillian).

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format that makes it easier to access the content of Web sites like CNN, Wired News and now - your MindSay blog! Since your blog has its own "news feed," people can read your blog with their own favorite RSS news reader program. Most RSS readers will alert you whenever there is new content published to one of the feeds you follow, making it much easier and more efficient to keep up with your favorite blogs. At MindSay, you can also add your own "Recent Updates" feed to your RSS reader, and easily stay up-to-date with all of your friend's blogs - all from one feed!

What does this mean for MindSay?

MindSay has added RSS feeds to member's blogs and inboxes, making it incredibly easy to keep up with your friends and favorites. If you download an RSS Reader (some free ones are listed below) and add feeds from MindSay, you will be able to get instantaneous updates whenever your friends update their blogs.

What else can I do with RSS?

Interested in getting more traffic to your blog? List your RSS feed ( with sites like Technorati,, and Feedster. When people search those sites for topics of interest, your relevant blog entries will be included in the results. You can also add feeds from popular news sites such as Yahoo, CNN, and Slashdot to your RSS reader.

How do I get started?

The first step is to download an RSS Reader. Once you've found one that works well on your computer, you can add the "Recent Updates" feed from your Inbox, and begin adding feeds of other interesting blogs you find on MindSay and around the Web.

Whenever you see the icon you know that there is an RSS feed available. To add it to your RSS reader, simply click the icon and copy the URL into your program.

Free RSS Readers / News Aggragators




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