There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. -- William Shakespeare


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Re: - glad to hear about your sister's recovery. i love my sister, and she's four years younger…


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Guys, this could be me. I wish I were lying when I said that this is the story of my life. I’m glad…
6 days ago / @almost23 +
(no subject) I think I am coming around with this new position [that I’m not entirely 100% sure about, but pretty…
6 days ago / @almost23 +
(no subject)

WHAT a CrAzY day today has been--- ALREADY! :)


I keep reminding myself that in eleven hours it’ll be a three day weekend, conferences will be over, and the only thing to worry about (not worry about) will be our weekend getaway to Minneapolis.!!! AND THAT keeps me going. :)


My belly hurts.

I think it’s stress/nerves.

OR- I need to eat something.

OR- it’s the coffee.


GHAH- wish your body came with some sort of device that would let you know what’s upsetting it so you could cure the ailment. ;) OR lack thereof and just chill the eff out if it was just nerves. ;)




6 days ago / @almost23 +
'Gong Show' creator Chuck Barris dies at 87 By JOSCELYN PAINE, Associated Press 19 hrs…
6 days ago / @rv1501 +

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