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You Can Not Win by Rebekah Bishop You Can Not Win by Rebekah Bishop You can not win. Your only hope is 2 hrs ago by XxDangerousxX
Heaven light a way for my mother I love his ROAR!!! Back when he was in the Shield, we all new what came... 2 hrs ago by XxDangerousxX
Oh Ben... I really love Finding Your Roots, especially Henry Louis Gates, the low-key, cheery host of the... 6 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
my great grandfather i don't know how long i can do this. its only been 3 times on my own, & you would... 13 hrs ago by morte
fishin' http://website.... . 13 hrs ago by juke
HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM Washington’s Blog April 17,... 18 hrs ago by rv1501
i stole this, because its swell "I'm not like other girls." "I'm one of the guys." "I hate hanging out with... Yesterday by morte
Warning: phone phishing or whatever the term would be for phone calls that are what would be called... Yesterday by masivemaple
where I went to high school.. Tonight's episode of Cold Justice on TNT is in the place where I started... Yesterday by palaceofperseph
School Cop Whose Job was to “Protect” Students, Repeatedly Raped 22 Boys... Worse than Sandusky: School... Yesterday by rv1501
Shrug He tells me all he wants to do on his days off is sleep, train, and relax, he's not in the mood for... Yesterday by c4fine13u22
People always say They don't listen to rap because its all about pussy/money/wee... And then they... Yesterday by cornholio23
i try not to get into confrontation early in the day. i'm sensitive & quiet, & easily emotional.... Yesterday by morte
Look at my new recipe please! https://explori... Yesterday by myspacebarbroke
God, I get so bored When my ADHD is medicated. Its like I need something to focus on, and I cant just tune... Yesterday by cornholio23
Thinking Cried my way through most of these . They all do a powerful job in proving their points. 2 days ago by eje224


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Re: Oh Ben... - Professor Gates is so awesome. I still think he's great. Think about having to email the...


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