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I wish this site was as properly functional as Facebook is. I really want to blog more but I just figure... 3 hrs ago by freakofnature
Hard to look away You know it's true: you drive past this horrific accident on the highway and, although... 4 hrs ago by jacksez
borderline woes feeling like an idiot for asking family for support. keeping things to yourself because... 6 hrs ago by kingzjewel
FINALLY MINDSAY dang that was a long outage 6 hrs ago by kingzjewel
another day Hooray back to CvICU all day.......we'll see how it goes. I have to sit while dad goes home to... 9 hrs ago by xRainbows4eveRx
Its back! 14 hrs ago by cornholio23
oh! I forgot to post about this because I kinda forgot, but it's an absolutely ridiculous story. So, Alex... 15 hrs ago by deeterz
Police and Riots I know I've talked a lot about police in Albuquerque and their use of excessive force, but... 16 hrs ago by deeterz
Harrump, Harrump... Wow! It only took Adam 12 days and 8 emails to get Mindsay back on line!! My guess... 19 hrs ago by rv1501
A thought for the day... This 3 days a week "dressing" change is killing me! I'm good at dressing... 19 hrs ago by rv1501
借分享 竇唯說王菲... 李亞鵬說王... 謝霆鋒說王... 其實理由很... ... 19 hrs ago by cathy
之前min... 以為é... 幸好, 今天å... 嚇死...... 19 hrs ago by cathy
where everybody knows your name dear mindsay, this on-again, off-again relationship we have, people don't... 19 hrs ago by morte
A Question Hello everyone, it's been a long long time since I've been here! Actually, I just went through... 20 hrs ago by butterflywings
latest comment widget is working! 20 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
fuck First of all, thank fucking christ Mindsay is back. One of these times I'm afraid it'll be gone... 20 hrs ago by biblohip


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Re: A thought for the day... - Tell them to use Hydrofera Blue Dressing's they are AMAZING.


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