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hooray! WARMHAND’S DAD BOUGHT THE HOUSE TODAY! So we’re having a sit down with him…
2 hrs ago / @myspacebarbroke +
"a friend first, always a friend first" i am going to guess that you said this to me around the…
3 hrs ago / @morte +
Hop on the fast freight to Hell...

Chrysler stated that its cars will no longer be made in the USA –

though its trucks will be.


And now, the parent companies of Miller and Bud have agreed

to terms of a merger – and “blessed” by the DOJ.


Even before the ink is dry or even on paper, Bud’s parent

company is cutting jobs globally!


I’m betting you can look forward to beer prices (and other

products such as Coke – a Miller subsidiary) going up!


Back when Old Style beer was still a good beer, we (Old

Style drinkers) used to say that Bud was brewed from what

Old Style flushed down the toilet. Now days, Old Style is

owned by Pabst, whose beers are brewed by Miller! There

are NO Pabst Breweries!! 


So, in closing…  FUCK GLOBALIZATION!!


It looks like it’s time to get into LOCAL Craft beers!!


4 hrs ago / @rv1501 +
Strappin' on my job helmet... In about 3 hours I can leave my office and head to the airport. This week…
4 hrs ago / @noseatbelts +
(no subject) I was reading about how when you start doing heavy cardio and start wearing yourself out, it's normal…
6 hrs ago / @cas +
well, that escalated quickly well…. haven’t been talking to him for long. but. when we…
7 hrs ago / @almost23 +
...and we're back. After 29 days of being down, we’re back. I am so sorry about what happened,…
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3 days ago / @dustball +
A walk on

the wild side


I needed somewhere to write while Mindsay was down. The thing is, I am reading Infinite Jest again ( ) with a group of twenty-somethings who nearly all have Ph.Ds. The book is a circle of entertainment and the reader is provoked to start reading it again after they finish because the ending is the beginning or the beginning is the ending. Which I don’t mind. But...I wanted to join like a normal book club. online. So I could fit it in.


Had mindsay been up, I could have just bitched about wanting to finally finish Moo or something. So anyway, I went looking for an online bookclub that was about to start reading something, you know, to get me out of the IJ spiral. I found one. They spend about 3 months on non-fiction and fiction books, each, every three months. I kept checking back for the announcement of the new fiction selection (I had just missed reading a book of Ernest Hemingway short stories by a few weeks and I would have probably enjoyed that). A few of the older members made suggestions. I broke down and made a couple of suggestions, a few other new people made suggestions...then the guy who owns the site just posts a list of books no one has suggested and says it has to be those or nuthin’. And all hell breaks loose. The people became scary. Name calling. Threats of taking the entire site down. Political discussions. Accusations.


Me just counting the seconds til mindsay came back... and well, I am on page 703 of IJ. :D


9 hrs ago / @palaceofperseph +
The Big Jay Show I told Casey about how there was an unhealthy mutual attraction between me and gutter-ass…
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yesterday / @k10 +
A ten ton head made of wet sand; this dread circumference. (Pt. 2) (...continued from Pt. 1..) …
11 hrs ago / @commntyblackman +
Are we trapped ragdoll cloth people? (Part 1) Scary times for MindSay. Well, I guess not entirely scary,…
14 hrs ago / @commntyblackman +
(no subject) I’m so happy Mindsay is back up I could cry. I have several back logged entries to post and lots of…
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3 days ago / @mystupidmouth +
(no subject) So glad Minday is back up and running! I don’t really like to make text posts but I do enjoy reading…
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2 days ago / @mel674 +
(no subject) I have so much I want to say and so much I want to write about, but I have an ingrown nail on my finger…
21 hrs ago / @chel2thec +
Shows Im excited for adtr. More excited for the weekend.
yesterday / @dudetheregoesmy +
Loans loans loans

I’m fortunately in that I only have about $20k in loans, and because I’d taken a previous loan long ago for my little Alabama stint and then paid it all off in full well before any deadline approached, I’m always guaranteed a subsidized loan each time I take a loan out for education purposes (little known fact!).

For those not aware, subsidized loans are fantastic.  You don’t accrue interest until either immediately after you graduate or 6 months after you graduate, depending on the loan; the Stafford kicks in immediately after you’re no longer in school.  The unsubsidized loans build interest immediately after you withdraw them, but if it’s a federal loan you of course don’t have to start paying until you graduate (just know the interest is still building).

I have 3 loans:  2 unsubsidized and 1 subsidized.  I have no intention of paying the subsidized loan anytime soon for precisely what I stated above, but I did get rid of one of my unsubsidized loans removed thanks to this scholarship.

I feel good, and I’m well on my track to making sure I graduate without an ounce of debt and maybe some profit.  Between this, clearing out my Amazon wishlist, paying my rent through January, putting a down payment on utilities that’ll last a good while, and probably going to be getting a new mattress (I’ve had mine for about 10 years now and I inherited it from my mom), who says money can’t buy happiness?

Well, at least up to a point, right?


yesterday / @calculus +
(no subject) So maybe the others are correct. Maybe it is a boy I had. I remember my mom saying once she has taken my…
yesterday / @ontheway +
age ain't nothin' but a number??? I’ve usually been a pretty big stickler on this…
yesterday / @almost23 +
:D There’ve been, roughly, 12 or so times that I’ve wanted to get on here and rant…...…
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2 days ago / @almost23 +
notes Durkheim During Emile Durkheim's research into suicide for and in his book…
yesterday / @palaceofperseph +
(no subject) My heart hurts. I am sick and sad. I have destroyed lives. I am sorry.
yesterday / @ontheway +
Scholarship for Service Last night at around 5:30 PM, we recipients of a scholarship were required to meet…
yesterday / @calculus +
(no subject)

I shouldn’t of typed that there isn’t family drama because I jinxed myself.  


I don’t really feel like talking about it, but Warmhand’s mom and dad are having issues because of his alcoholism and her enabling and what not.  I understand that al-anon works for many people, but the manipulations are getting pretty ridiculous by her.  If she messed up my house, and designs it so she likes it, I will not be happy, and am going to have to be there physically so she can’t walk over me and make decisions for us while we’re not there. 


It looks like the house is going through, we’re going to sit down with our paperwork and documents saying that we can afford this and what not, and then a list of programs we qualify for to help with things, and our list of “demands” Looking for a quote for some of the work it 100% needs, and going from there.  





2 days ago / @myspacebarbroke +
Floriduh Last night I got into bed at 6:30 with a stomach ache and a book I’ve been reading……
2 days ago / @noseatbelts +
Grief Poetry Series (WIP) Grief #1 August 6, 2016 What do you do when there’s a…
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2 days ago / @mystupidmouth +
(no subject) Really, those conversations have led me to believe that I have given birth and that I have a son. But I…
2 days ago / @ontheway +
(no subject) How can a sinner find peace? There is no peace for me. I am doomed.
2 days ago / @ontheway +
(no subject)

SO many times I’ve needed this damn thing and I couldn’t access it!!! AHhhhh! Happy it’s back now that it’s become a staple for me, again.


Hi all!

Hope all is well for everyone! Nothing new is really happening over here. I was called by my university about a job at a school where I did field work/had classes with the principal as my professor, and was told to apply. I applied, I interviewed, and I did not get the job. I’m still annoyed by it because I felt this was “the one” and my “interview” was not a traditional interview and I feel really led on, because I walked out with the feeling that I had gotten it. They basically said I had gotten it without saying, “you got it.” Which I think is really unfair, but it wasn’t meant to be and that’s okay. Now I am frantically trying to find something else for this year—maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. I’m not sure. I felt really disheartened, but I quickly got over it. Moving forward!

So, I was rejected on Friday and I was SO angry and sad. I took my frustrations out on other people (mainly Ben), and you know it’s just been a really rough summer for me/us. I don’t know. I hope things get better. So, anyway, in my frustration I said “Fuck it I’m going to do something for me” so on Saturday, I went and I got my first tattoo! I got my grandmother’s handwriting on the side of my foot and it reads, “All my love”. It was a perfect experience and I’m SOOO happy I finally did it. 

Ben and I will be “celebrating” our three year anniversary on Sunday—don’t know how much “celebrating” we’ll be doing seeing as we have no money to actually go out and do something (nothing new here, honestly, but that’s ok). It bothers me that we never do anything. It’s so repetitive and boring! It makes me so frustrated. Like, put in the fucking effort and take me out somewhere. I feel like I’m ALWAYS making the decisions and I’m ALWAYS responsible for finding new stuff to do. It isn’t fair, and I don’t want to be the person who is responsible for keeping the relationship going. I want to be equals. It should be 50/50 not 20/80. Doesn’t even have to be new, but it would be nice to go somewhere other than the five places we go to regularly. That’s neither here nor there. I just hope we both get our shit together because it’s really putting a burden on our relationship. It’s really hard for me to enjoy spending time together when all of our time is spent together. Right now he’s at a training for his new job, but that’s supposedly only night time, so I hope he gets something during the day, too. I will be happy to go back to work, but I may try to find another job just because I know subbing isn’t consistent and I can’t rely on myself to make my own schedule. I can’t rely on myself to take a job that’s available if I really don’t want it— you know? But I am desperate, so maybe it’ll be better this year.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it...I’m kind of cold, so I might go sit outside just to warm up. Maybe I’ll go back to reading Harry Potter (I’m up to book 5!)

Hope all is well. Missed you all. Talk soon, xoxo.


2 days ago / @americancer +
(no subject)
2 days ago / @juke +
(no subject) My sweet baby boy. What happened to you? Where are you? I am so sorry for everything.
2 days ago / @ontheway +
Missed Entries! (I forgot to date them, though!) Well, a lot has happened since mindsay went down! The…
2 days ago / @deeterz +

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