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up to Trying to join this poetry slam: Number of Rounds 4 Round Lasts For 2 days ... 33 min ago by palaceofperseph
mindsay Wow it's a Christmas miracle!!! Mindsay is back! I was seriously upset that I might have lost... 3 hrs ago by masterstream
Still I Rise 13 hrs ago by mel674
Hummm seems like I missed something...I guess mindsay wasn't working or something?? Idk. It be nice if... 13 hrs ago by nissala22
Holiday Blues..... Turns out I'm not pregnant. what the fuck else is new?!? As per the fucking usual, I... 13 hrs ago by nissala22
And so... Seems that this here Mindsay thang is operational once again... Maybe... For now... 14 hrs ago by weesaul
This shit is getting out of hand... Another cop killing ruled "justified"! It hasn't drawn the... 15 hrs ago by rv1501
Thank got it's almost done with... December has been a shit (and expensive) month! My car blew a brake... 15 hrs ago by rv1501
We shouldn't be allowed to have roommates So, we have a roommate again. Hilariously, our roommate is... 16 hrs ago by deeterz
Still here! so happy ^_^ 17 hrs ago by deeterz
PLEASE, Mindsay, PLEASE be back for good! I need you in my life ;) 19 hrs ago by chel2thec
Wow So, apparently I only blogged here 6 times this whole year. Interesting. Yesterday by k10
Wow I hope that this continues. I'd really like to blog again. Yesterday by iverness63
i think My dad is having an affair. Yesterday by dudetheregoesmy
Is it... Is it back? OH MY gOD IT IS! Its a christmas miracle. Yesterday by cornholio23
IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!!!... Yesterday by mystupidmouth


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Re: We shouldn't be allowed to have roommates - Well spoken. I'm no stranger to this. I hope it works out for...


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