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He's letting me keep the bed. "Happy birthday" he says. I feel like a terrible person. Like I should give... 7 hrs ago by freakofnature
The first steps toward Adventure.. pt 3. April 20th, 2014, Easter Sunday for some.. Let's rewind to the end... 9 hrs ago by pyroman69
"its certainly true of all walks of life" ohh this last week has been rough. really rough. the neon... 10 hrs ago by morte
The first steps toward Adventure.. pt 2. I stopped writing last night around four am, and when I left off,... 12 hrs ago by pyroman69
in and out there was this thing i dared to mention i know better than to speak an unfinished dream... 12 hrs ago by actonesceneone
You will never see what's inside of me Happy Easter! :D :D :D She is losing her hair but we know she... 12 hrs ago by Saphyra16
Easter. Woohoo. So, I get what Easter is supposed to be about, with Jesus and miracles and whatnot. But... 14 hrs ago by biblohip
Humanatic? I started doing the work on Humanatic on April 1 and its decent normal stuff. They payout as... 14 hrs ago by rsuite
Hotel beds... I hate laying in them, and then coming to the conclusion that it's quite possible people have... 15 hrs ago by tiredchild
little differences I love attempting to learn languages. And then I discovered the benefits of learning... 22 hrs ago by palaceofperseph
OMG We literally got to Hudson at 6am and freaking Kurt wakes me up first at 8am and then at 8:30 so happy... 22 hrs ago by hauntedwhisper
mau punya seruling bambu (yang terbuat dari bahan bambu) cuman gatau mau belinya dimana? Yesterday by eyes
The first steps toward Adventure.. pt 1. As of right now I am twenty-four years old, my twenty-fifth... Yesterday by pyroman69
lebih nikmat maen harmonika di pinggir jalan daripada dirumah gw Yesterday by eyes
lagi demen maen harmonika maen harmonika di pinggir jalan itu asik juga gw lagi demen maen harmonika... Yesterday by eyes
I'm Back I am Back!! Back in action. Its been 10 yrs since I last update my blog. Lots of... Yesterday by nshannie

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Re: Homeland Security Says Your Children Could Be Terrorists - At this point, the government calling your...


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