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今早回到公... 看到自己種... 心情也跟著... 7 hrs ago by cathy
星期å... 雖然æ... 但還æ... 好開å... :) 這次å... 我們æ... ... 7 hrs ago by cathy
Deep thought The biggest strategic blunder in history was when men allowed women to obtain a stranglehold... 9 hrs ago by masivemaple
So I recently applied for a job using the resume and cover letter and got an invite from HR to setup an... 10 hrs ago by noodle32
Bad at being a girl? Me, too! So, this is one topic that's an issue for me almost every day. Being... 12 hrs ago by biblohip
Shooting Fish in a Barrel Normal 0 Ah, those Israelis! Get a barrel. Fill it with water and as... 15 hrs ago by johnkozy
two things. 1. surprise trip to Disney World for the girls sometime in the next 12 months (hopefully Mom... 22 hrs ago by almost23
Jager Amazing what you can unlock, and when you unlock it, sometimes. As some know, I teach kid-friendly... Yesterday by orion1974
Pennsylvania man shot by police during warrant service for parking tickets Police State USA July 26, 2014 Yesterday by rv1501
Ron Paul: ‘I Don’t Blame America, I Blame Neocons’ Daniel McAdams Ron Paul Institute July 25, 2014 Yesterday by rv1501
WH doubles down on impeachment By Rebecca Shabad 07/25/14 03:30 PM EDT The White House on... Yesterday by rv1501
John 6:47 KJV Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life. Yesterday by Saphyra16
Anniversary Party So, with my 10-year anniversary on mindsay just a week away (August 3rd), I've come up... Yesterday by biblohip
Life is still hard. Well I am back home. What an adventure this past decade has been. I'm glad to say that... Yesterday by writtenbyheart
I have worked almost 15 hours on a family tree and traced one line of my family back to the 1500's in... Yesterday by palaceofperseph
amnesty johns out tonight. he agreed to designated drive for a bachelorette party that his friend ginn is a... Yesterday by morte

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Re: Bad at being a girl? Me, too! - I giggle but not over everything like a GIRLY GIRL does. Plus I'm really...


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